Promoting Online Interaction

The goal of this weekly blog is to provide innovative ideas  and best practices of interactive online learning.

To encourage quality online interaction, this weekly blog is organized around the 7 principles for good practice in undergraduate education.

Good Practice for Faculty Who Teach Online

1. Good practice encourages student-faculty contact.

2. Good practice encourages cooperation among students.

3. Good practice encourages active learning.

4. Good practice gives prompt feedback.

5. Good practice emphasizes time on task.

6. Good practice communicates high expectations.

7. Good practice respects diverse talents and ways of learning.

Best Practices in Undergraduate AdultCentered Online Learning: Three themes within best practices for online instruction: course design, instructional effectiveness, and interactivity or interconnectivity.

The Myth of “Best Practices
A “best practice” is best only in the precise, specific context in which it exists. …
What works in my marriage won’t necessarily work in — and may even damage — yours.
Even if moved from one situation to another very close one, the odds of transfer being made with practice intact is nil.
How do we address those who pressure us to produce a list of, or abide by, “best” practices?
Notes from Jane Bozarth’s Bozarthzone

The author of this weekly blog  is Greg Walker,

Please comment and vote on each good practice to help us determine faculty needs.

Distance Education Coordinator, at Leeward Community College.

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